[Homestead] Scumbag Jeb Bush and his scumbagbiblethumpersloseSciavo case...

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Fri Sep 24 01:29:49 EDT 2004

My problem is the method.  IF this is really her wish, then figure out a
Kovorcian method.  Starving to death is not a pretty way to go!

Geez Louise, if someone did that to a dog or cat we'd have them in jail so
fast it would make their teeth rattle but it is o.k. to do it to a human.

Can anyone give me a rational reason why we have laws against "cruel and
unusual punishment" for those that have committed crimes but we can torture
to death those who have done nothing except find themselves sick or old?

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From: <DSanner106 at aol.com>
> Toni
> I would have to agree. The husband says this is her wish, per discussions
> they had between the two of them in the past, and no one knows any
> different. I would not like to live that way and would appreciate the
> from it.
> Drew
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