[Homestead] Houses, tiny and solar collection

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Fri Sep 24 00:40:18 EDT 2004

Divert from the home manufacturing business series momentarily---to 
housebuilding, preferably small ones.

http://www.wauu.de/Arts/Architecture/Minimum_Cost_Housing/ (houses are 
too damn big to economically build and maintain, to say nothing of 
taxes---make tiny houses act and feel like big ones by opening up 
angles, vistas, getting rid of interior partitions and those cursed 
second stories, basements with their space-robbing staircases, and 
occupant-killing hot, poisonous gases if a fire starts. Make any and all 
houses wheelchair-accessile---you may be in a sheelchare next week and 
for the rest of your life. Use large,insulated-pane windows (think 
French Doors) both to contain heat and provide ventilation---and don't 
forget a tall window will only throw light inside twenty feet---beyone 
that you should think about transparent roof panels and piping light 
inside with fiber optics or cylinders containing reflective mirrors)  
(McGill has always been a pioneer in minimum-cost housing---mostly for 
Third World, but applicable in the U.S.)

http://www.mchg.mcgill.ca/mchg/thesis/thlist1.htm  (McGill themes in 
greater detail)

(examples of tiny houses)

(Even if you think it will kill you, pay as you go---a compound interest 
mortgage absolutely WILL kill you.  In the unlikely event your house is 
too tiny, add-on in stages, also pay-as-you go.)

http://www.fsec.ucf.edu/bldg/fyh/ratings/why.htm  (minimum cost means 
passive solar heat and protection against unwanted summer heat, both 
requiring a good insulation factor.  Don't forget termite protection 
too---you don't want wood elements collapsing around your ears.)

http://www.womens-finance.com/budget/heatmaxcomfort.shtml  (reduce your 
utility costs---it is not to your advantage to make your electric, oil 
or gas supplier rich)

(minimum cost housing web links)

http://www.akf.dk/eng/wind0.htm  (the economics of wind-electricity in 
Denmark---which has elimated its reliance on fossil fuel to two percent)

http://www.super-e.com/html/english/general/gen-what.html  (other 
countries have more fervently embraced energy-efficient than the U.S. 
Canada and Japan among them.)

http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=19057  (low-cost 
discussion forum suggestions---stay away from anything with asbestos in 
the name---and pounding dirt in tires is too labor-intensive.)

http://features.aroundcarolina.com/architecture/shotgun.asp  (shotgun 
houses, Yoruba heritage)

http://www.nahn.com/hph.htm  (cold-climate housing, recapture heat from 
exiting air with a heat-exchanger to you don't pay twice for heatin it.)

http://msnbc.msn.com/id/5830575/site/newsweek/  (bedZED houses)  
(Panchayat programs---some of the most brilliant, economical and 
practical housing illustrations occur in India)

http://www.fas.org/housing/eps.htm  (extremely low cost, durable Afghan 

http://www.habitatforhumanity.org.uk/html/houses.html  (Habitat For 
Humanity houses take many forms---most cheaper than better than 
stickbuild U.S. Habitat For Humanity homes)

http://www.phys.ufl.edu/~liz/design.html  (passive solar Florida Cracker 

http://solarsensedesigns.com/  (small, 1040 sq. feet passive solar, 
passive cooling house---don't use cooling air tubes any place except a 
dry climate---think mold, allergies and Legionaires Disease)

(passive solar air preheater for south-facing walls)


http://www.ourcoolhouse.com/designs.htm#plan2  (open up the angles, 
don't be afraid to enlist a college professor and his architectural 
student class, or post on an architectural student bulletin board a 
first, second, maybe third prize for redoing your favorite house design.)

http://www.ki7xh.com/house.htm  (probably too-expensive for yor or me, 
but some interesting features)

http://www.mountainhomeshow.com/houseplans/mypageDiary2.htm  (this is 
even more interesting and described in greater detail---a two-story 
house though, which I despise)

http://www.envirolink.org/articles/jul97-1.html  (erector set with a 
roof for $10,000, by Pliny Fisk, the best of the best)

http://www.taunton.com/store/pages/fh_toc_123.asp  (good small houses 
described in Taunton Press, Fine Homebuilding 1999 magazine)

http://www.taunton.com/store/pages/fh_toc_147.asp  (2002 Fine 
Homebuilding magazine---have your librarian get a bunch of them for you)

http://www.buildinggreen.com/elists/furnacefree.cfm  (your furnace-free 
house in chilly Vermont)

(long list of houses you can get from your librarian on interlibrary 
loan---don't know a thing about them, except every time I hear Frank 
Lloyd Wright my ears prick up---spent a lot of weekends at Spring Green 
talking to Olga in Russian, and FLW in English.)

http://www.housealive.org/article_sand-straw-clay.htm  (cob, Fix-all, 
wattle and daub)

(Tumbleweed in Natural Home magazine)

(Nick Pine, one of the quickest and most competent numbers-men I have 
ever run across, expert on solar chimneys, thermal storage in concrete 
septic tanks under a house.  Back in 1997 and for a few years later when 
I was on many energy and construction forums, I had voluminous 
correspondence with Nick) Look him up, he has lots of stuff in his 
persoal archives.)

(465 sq. foot portable dome---I like cluster domes---used to be a 
cluster at University of Wisconsin that friends lived in and 
loved---lots of light, views and idiot-simple, cheap to make---lot 
easier to make and much more useful than a giant, single dome.)

(house built into a canyon rock wall, Natural Home magazine_

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