[Homestead] Scumbag Jeb Bush and his scumbag biblethumpersloseSciavo case...

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Thu Sep 23 18:21:23 EDT 2004

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Playing devil's advocate here, and always
seeing so many 'sides' to a story that I drive
myself to distraction, never mind others, if
I were Terri and had spent 14 years as she
has - and I doubt that even if she were
brought back to consciousness the "rest
of her life" would be anything but conscious
agony - she might very well bless her
husband for finally arranging to 'letting her 
get on with whatever is next' *for her* .... just a thought ....

I would have to agree. The husband says this is her wish, per discussions
they had between the two of them in the past, and no one knows any
different. I would not like to live that way and would appreciate the relief
from it.


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