[Homestead] Education

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Thu Sep 23 15:19:01 EDT 2004

Tvo found :

> Only about a third of the new schools will be run by the district. 
> The rest will be charters or contract schools run by independent organizations, 

Who is "watching the watchers" ??
And isn't the 'small school' a spin-off from 
the 'small cell' of various "organizations" ?

> and all will be subject to five-year reviews. 

Reviews controlled by whom ?
and will be shared/published - - - ?

> Those that don't make the grade can expect to be reformed anew.

Indeed. If the 'results' are not up to
?whose? "snuff" - - -

Oh, well. Just because somebody is "paranoid"
does *not* mean somebody else is not out
to get them ....

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