[Homestead] Army recruiting shortfall and upcoming military draft

Lisa Perry lkvp at floydva.net
Thu Sep 23 16:07:17 EDT 2004

Tvoivozhd wrote:

> General Says Army Guard Will Fall Short of Recruiting Goal This Year
> *By Robert Burns* The Associated Press
> Published: Sep 23, 2004
> He said he would like to be able to assure Guard members, their 
> families and employers that they will be called on no more than once 
> every four to six years. He said he cannot do that now because there 
> are not enough deployable combat units in the active and reserve 
> forces. (snip)

My husband's cousin came back this past March after serving in Kosovo 
with the Guard for one full year.  He was recently informed he should 
expect to go back early next year, by summer at the latest.  The cousin 
(age 27) was recently married and started a new career as a licensed 
electrician.  Because of the news his son will go overseas again, my 
husband's uncle, a life-long Republican, has sworn to not vote a second 
time for Bush.  He has not yet said he will vote for Kerry, but he has 
said he will absolutely not vote for the incumbent President and may sit 
out the election this time around.

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