[Homestead] Here we go again, GOP assault against First Amendment

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  An old, tired insult

*Right on schedule, cynical Senate GOP leaders trot out their 
self-serving amendment to ban defilement of the flag *
Saturday, September 18, 2004

Can it be that four years have passed since last the 
Republican-controlled Senate re sorted to the false patriotism of 
seeking to protect Old Glory from the First Amendment?

Why, yes indeed. It appears the GOP's leadership is preparing to bring 
up its quadrennial proposal of an ill-conceived constitutional amendment 
to protect the American flag from desecration, whatever that might be 
interpreted to be.

A presidential election lies just around the corner, the country is at 
war and the upper chamber is hopelessly inundated with the critical, 
unfinished business of governing. So what better time to waste a few 
hours hiding in that last refuge of scoundrels?

Especially when such an irrelevant diversion can be used to force the 
Democrats' presidential ticket and the Senate minority leader back to 
Washington from the campaign trail to cast the votes that will defeat it?

This gossamer gambit is breathtaking in its cynicism. If they go through 
with it, the Republican leaders will have shown that they have no qualms 
about threatening this nation's free-speech rights to gain what they 
perceive to be the political advantage of protecting the flag from a 
threat that doesn't exist.

The American flag is a symbol. To those who love this country, it 
represents the ideals of a nation yet striving to form that "more 
perfect union" of which the Founders wrote.

But it is only a symbol, a cherished piece of cloth that, in a truly 
free land, may become the target of the anger and disdain at the 
nation's actions.

Burning that flag in protest may well and properly infuriate those who 
love it, but amending the Constitution to criminalize such protest 
strikes a blow at the very heart of the liberty for which it stands.

And the shame of it is, the amendment's supporters know this.

Yet they are prepared to use that flag as a bootblack might use a rag to 
burnish their political aspirations.

If that's not desecration, what is?

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