[Homestead] Tigers in your short grass

Lisa Perry lkvp at floydva.net
Thu Sep 23 12:47:35 EDT 2004

Tvoivozhd wrote:

> Yellow jackets do you a large favor in paralyzing, hauling off garden 
> pests to their nest.  They don't have sense enough to avavoid stinging 
> larger predators walking around their nest, so I exterminate the 
> yellow jackets that sting me.  After a few million years of genetic 
> selection they might become smarter.  Don't think I will wait..

There was a blurb in today's Roanoke Times where 38 people were stung by 
yellow jackets, many of them children from a Head Start program, as they 
left a meeting held yesterday afternoon at a church in Blacksburg.  I 
believe the paper said 4 or 5 people went to the hospital for known and 
unknown allergic reactions.  Bet someone has taken care of that nest.

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