[Homestead] sneak and peek - legally

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Thu Sep 23 01:20:11 EDT 2004

> Kelley----Wrong!!  Anyone, at any time, may submit to the Grand Jury a
> request to appear and present evidence or testimony.

***The operative words are "may submit a request" which doesn't quarantee
you anything but wasting paper.

  The DA has no power to
> stop or interfere with the Grand Jury's decision to allow you to present
> your evidence or testimony before them.  This right of the people is well
> founded in our history and in our case law.
***Except in very rare cases the average Grand Jury is simply a bunch of
bored citizens who are puppets of the local DA.  The DA's cases are always

This may be a right but again, it is a paper right and Joe Average Citizen
rarely prevails.
> It is easier to complain about Bush and what is going on in Washington,
> and etc. than it is to initiate a Recall of Locally Elected Officials.

***It isn't harder to initiate a recall.  Getting rid of elected officials
can be quite simple.  The problem is that the average citizen is flat lazy
and would rather sit around with the Starbucks and bitch and moan.

> city and county governments are in bed with the FED Gov and are
> and benefiting from the violation of your rights and the plundering of the
> fruits of your labor.  This is something you do have power over and can do
> something about.  Any elected official, if given the choice between facing
> recall and doing what the people in the community want, is going to be
> keenly aware of your rights.  If you are to have your rights observed and
> enforced, that is where you do it first and that is how you send the
> to Washington DC.

***Which is why folks like Riggs are no longer in office nor is the DA who
supported him nor is the Sheriff of Humboldt County who sent in the fools
that used the pepper spray.  Some of us still know how to exercise our
rights and do so!


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