[Homestead] Guerrilla biowarfare--biologicals cheaper to make, deliver than any other weapon

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Thu Sep 23 01:26:25 EDT 2004

If I were a guerrilla, this is what I would use---the learning curve is 
short and damage absolutely phenomonal---most cost-effective weapon 
known.  Nukes are destructive, but enormosly expensive to make and 
deliver by missile---cheaper in a deck cargo shipping container.  A 
rural home is no defense to drifting airborne bioweapons either.

Terrorists let a big part of hostages go 




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Biological terrorism becomes more real
09/22/2004 17:33

*Terrorists have not learned how to use the deadly potential of 
biological agents yet*

Terrorist acts in Beslan, Moscow, Kaspiisk, Volgodonsk, Buinaksk, 
Grozny, Ingushetia and so on, were organized to kill as many people as 
possible with the use of conventional means of destruction. Theoretic 
estimations of biological weapons and their destruction capacities have 
stirred up dangerous illusions in third world countries. A lot of 
politicians thought that biological weapons could give more significance 
to their countries in the nuclear world. With the use of biological 
agents terrorists will be able to force most powerful states to their 
knees. In order to minimize the consequences of a biological attack, 
special services are supposed to have a clear notion of motives and 
ideology of those people, who carry out such attacks.

Terrorist acts may have extremely various motives. In addition to it, 
terrorists might use unconventional biological agents in their attacks. 

Underground, 1970. The terrorists from this organization planned to use 
biological and chemical agents and poison water supply systems with 
them. The terrorists wished to prove that the US authorities were unable 
to control the situation in the country. Their ideology was a 
combination of revolutionary ideas and opposition against the American 
imperialism, which waged war in Vietnam.

Terrorist group RISE, 1972. Terrorists planned to attack people with 
aerosols spraying poison down from planes. Their motive was rather 
strange: the terrorists wanted to destroy as many people as possible to 
prevent the destruction of nature and create the race of super-humans. 
The criminals were college students, who were exposed to the influence 
of ecological terrorism and drug-culture of the 1960s. The first attack 
failed, when the authorities detected microbe cultures. Two prime 
suspects escaped to Cuba.

Rajneeshe Cult, a religious sect, 1984. Sect members carried out a 
biological terrorist act in a small US town of Dalls, Oregon, in 1984. 
They infected the food of salad bars and restaurants. Over 700 people 
fell ill with salmonella - it is still considered the largest biological 
terrorist act in history. The sectarians wanted to poison voters and win 
local elections. The ideology of the sect was based on an Indian 
religious cult. Two sectarians were arrested and imprisoned for 4.5 
years. When they served the sentence, they went to Western Europe.

Minnesota Patriots Council, 1991. The terrorists of this group planned 
to act against the US federal authorities. The motive was a personal 
revenge, someone of them wanted to cause damage to the authorities. 
Ideologically, the group was the right wing of "patriots." Perpetrators 
planned to attack their victims with ricin (the poison that is derived 
from the beans of the castor plant), imperceptibly applying it on 
victim's skin. A source from the FBI prevented the attack; four 
terrorists were arrested.

Aum Shinrikyo, 1995. This infamous sect has managed to perform largest, 
albeit unsuccessful biological attacks with the use of toxins and 
contaminants. In June of 1993, the sectarians attempted to disturb the 
wedding of the Japanese crown prince, as they sprayed the botulinic 
toxin with the help of automobile systems. They also tried to distribute 
anthrax spores from the roof of one of Tokyo buildings at the end of 
June 1993. In the middle of March of the same year, the sectarians left 
three cases in the Tokyo metro, in an attempt to contaminate the metro 
with the botulinic toxin. Aum Shinrikyo has conducted ten attacks with 
the use of biological agents: to implement the apocalypses prophecy of 
their guru, remove his adversaries and kill hesitating sectarians. The 
ideology of the sect was based on the cult of establishing the 
theocratic state in Japan with the charismatic leader at the head. Aum 
Shinrikyo attacked their own nation with most dangerous biological agents.

Biological terrorists might have various religious, political views; 
they can be guided with their personal ambition, revenge, and so on and 
so forth. The only feature that such people have in common is their 
bio-negative perception of the world. Terrorist motives, however, 
predetermine several peculiarities of biological terrorist attacks. Such 
crimes may be large in their scale and absolutely nonsensical in their 
nature (to demonstrate the inability of a government, to exterminate 
people and create a super-race, to implement a prophecy). They do not 
announce such acts of terrorism and they do not claim responsibility for 
them either. Biological attacks are used as an element of a long and 
indirect strategy. They are characterized with unexampled cruelty, an 
aspiration to kill as many people as possible, the civil population, 
first and foremost.

A lot of bio-terrorist acts have failed because terrorists have not 
learned how to use the deadly potential of biological agents. This 
situation will not last long, though. About 17 countries conduct 
scientific research in the field of biological weapons. Five of those 
countries are considered terrorists' accomplices. It is not ruled out 
that biological agents will be spread all over the world soon. The 
biological terrorism and man-caused epidemics are becoming more real.

Read the original in Russian: (Translated by: Dmitry Sudakov 

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