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What doesn't Stumble Bum Bush understand about that?

Terrorists let a big part of hostages go 




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Ecological situation in Russian towns worsens
09/22/2004 19:14

*The society still does not realize the scale and importance of the 
problem *

Specialists from the Central Geophysical Laboratory made a list of 
Russia's most polluted towns and cities. A lot of cities and towns on 
the list were considered ecologically unfavorable already during the 
Soviet era, because they were situated in the area of large and 'dirty' 

Specialists of the laboratory studied the ecological situation in 260 
Russian towns. It is noteworthy that the towns with large metallurgic 
factories were listed on top. That list includes the towns with a very 
high level of air pollution. The list of 2003 was added with ten towns, 
which were not listed in 2002: the level of contamination is growing in 
many Russian towns. In Moscow, the ecological situation is worst in 
southern districts of the city. In addition, all towns on the list have 
been experiencing severe ecological problems during a very long period.

Several towns were estimated as "highly contaminated," although they 
were referred to as "relatively contaminated" only five years ago. A 
spokesman for the geophysical laboratory, Sergey Chicherin, said that 
the medium level of pollution may depend on climate factors that change 
every year. "Cars are the main reason of the air pollution in big 
cities. This index grows constantly. Cars make 80 percent of atmospheric 
emission in Moscow and St.Petersburg," the specialist said.

Power, fuel and metallurgic industries prove a very large percentage of 
the atmospheric pollution as well. "Russian industrial enterprises were 
experiencing a serious crisis ten years ago. Now they start recovering, 
many of them work on an outdated technological base. If they do not 
change technologically in the near future, the air quality will worsen a 
lot. One has to practice serious measures with industrial enterprises at 
this point, Sergey Chicherin said.

Sulfur dioxide, carbon oxide, nitric oxide and other volatile organic 
compounds are most common substances that pollute the Earth's 
atmosphere. Specific pollutants (hydrogen sulphide, carbon bisulfide, 
sulphuric acid, benzapilene, lead) make about two percent of all 
polluting substances emitted in the atmosphere. Despite the 
inconsiderable volume of specific pollutants in the atmosphere, their 
influence on the air in Russian cities and towns can be very negative. A 
lot of those substances are highly toxic.

The share of contaminants produced by industrial enterprises makes up 
about 70 percent in the total volume of 19.4 million tons of 
contaminating compounds: carbon oxide - 68 percent, solid substances - 
15 percent, sulfur dioxide - 10 percent.

"The forecast for the future is not very pacifying. The society still 
does not realize the scale and importance of the problem. Our 
enterprises need to use the experience of Western companies, one has to 
modernize cars to make them ecologically safe," Sergey Chicherin said.

Russia's ten most polluted cities:
Moscow, southern districts

Read the original in Russian: 
http://news.pravda.ru/health/2004/09/22/67537.html (Translated by: 
Dmitry Sudakov <http://english.pravda.ru/author/_114.htmld>)

Pravda.Ru <http://english.pravda.ru/>

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