[Homestead] Worst Weapons of Mass Destruction are poverty and inequality

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Thu Sep 23 01:12:00 EDT 2004

Terrorists let a big part of hostages go 




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"The Iraq war is not the only issue in the global agenda"
09/22/2004 18:24

*During the UN Annual Summit, Latin American leaders made big efforts to 
tell to the international community that poverty and inequality are the 
most important challenge the world faces. *

"Poverty and inequality leads to violence". This statement may well 
summarize Latin American leader's message to the United Nations Annual 
Summit celebrated in New York this week. Presidents from Brazil, 
Argentina and Chile urged other nations to find ways to narrow the gap 
between the reach and poor, which widened to unprecedented levels during 
the nineties and shows its deadly consequences everyday.

All in all, efforts made by Latin leaders -openly backed by France, 
Germany and Spain- are meant to show the world that Iraq and the fight 
against terrorism are not the only issues in the global agenda. 
According to official statistics, every four years 60 millions children 
die in the world on causes linked to poverty. That means, a WWII against 
children every four years.

In an attempt to draw the attention of US president George W. Bush, 
Brazilian President Luiz InАcio Lula da Silva said overwhelming hunger 
and unemployment in developing nations were contributing to 
international violence. President Bush was invited but did not attend to 

"How many more times will it be necessary to repeat that the most 
destructive weapon of mass destruction in the world is poverty?" Lula 
asked during a session on the growing economic disparity. "Fair 
globalization must begin with the right of everyone to a job," Lula 
said, adding that "dignified work, like the fight against hunger, cannot 

According to recent polls conducted all over the region, Latin American 
citizens stand for a good job and a better standard of life rather than 
for democracy and civil rights. In a region where basic needs are badly 
satisfied in 40% of its population, people put less attention on 
freedom, which could undermine new and fragile democracies.

Therefore, the fights against poverty and inequality is a matter of life 
and death for Latin Americans, which means that they are not prepared to 
put more money in sophisticated security systems to protect their 
citizens from an improbable attack of fanatics. The horrendous face of 
famine is more real, more accurate in Latin America, that the Bin 
Laden"s one.

French President Jacques Chirac said he and Lula would propose new 
approaches to fund the alleviation of poverty. "The price of selfishness 
is rebellion," Chirac warned. "We should ensure that the world's 
unprecedented wealth becomes a vehicle for the integration. It is up to 
us to give globalization a conscience," he said.

In a statement to the UN General Assembly, Argentine president Nestor 
Kirchner, made the International Monetary Fund (IMF) responsible for the 
outstanding increasing in the foreign debt of the emerging nations. 
"While they spend time in useful self-criticism, we have to deal with 
millions of poor in our countries", said Kirchner. Kirchner, also asked 
for a structural transformation of multilateral lending institutions.

Hernan Etchaleco <http://english.pravda.ru/author/_77.htmld>

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