[Homestead] sneak and peek - legally

Daniel Van; Kelley daniel-kelley at cox.net
Wed Sep 22 16:47:57 EDT 2004

>"Sneak-and-peek" searches are now easier to get, legal in all
jurisdictions, and the law contains no practical limit on how long
authorities can delay notifying the subject of a search.

tvoivozhd---hell, any and every District Attorney in the U.S. as far
back as I can remember has a "Vest Pocket Judge who will give him
whatever he wants---and this extends to Grand Juries whom District
Attornies manipulate outrageously and will---the accused have no rights
to appear in front of a Grand Jury to counter the D.A.'s often baseless
propaganda..  Your Constitutional Rights are a fiction.

Kelley----Wrong!!  Anyone, at any time, may submit to the Grand Jury a
request to appear and present evidence or testimony.  The DA has no power to
stop or interfere with the Grand Jury's decision to allow you to present
your evidence or testimony before them.  This right of the people is well
founded in our history and in our case law.

No one has Constitutional Rights.  You do have Constitutionally Protected
Rights.  The Constitution does not grant you any Rights.  The Constitution
is intended to restrain government from violating the inalienable and
inherent rights of all men.

Your Rights are property like any other you may have.  If you don't know
what they are and how to protect them, like any other property, someone will
take them from you.

It is easier to complain about Bush and what is going on in Washington, Iraq
and etc. than it is to initiate a Recall of Locally Elected Officials.  Our
city and county governments are in bed with the FED Gov and are facilitating
and benefiting from the violation of your rights and the plundering of the
fruits of your labor.  This is something you do have power over and can do
something about.  Any elected official, if given the choice between facing a
recall and doing what the people in the community want, is going to be
keenly aware of your rights.  If you are to have your rights observed and
enforced, that is where you do it first and that is how you send the message
to Washington DC.

Best Regards

Daniel Van; Kelley

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