[Homestead] Police State vilest Police tactics

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Boy does this leave out a whole bunch of info!  The protesters were sitting
in the office of Rep. Riggs.  They brought in a tree stump and locked
themselves to it.  Now, anyone with any sense and anyone who has ever raised
a teenage girl knows that all you'd have to do to get them to move is wait
until one of them needed to use the bathroom.  A real simple solution.

No, couldn't have that.  After all, Riggs, who wasn't even in his office,
was being inconvenienced.  So, after telephone conversations with him, his
secretary and one of his assistants called the police and said they were in
fear of their lives.  Yup, some teenagers chained to a stump would sure
terrify me!

So, in come the county mounties and when these teenaged girls wouldn't
leave, they wrestled them to the ground and swabbed their eyes with pepper

Now, to add insult to injury, a couple of the young girls wet their pants
and that piece of cr*p Riggs had the audacity to sue them for the cost of
cleaning the carpet!

They made several major mistakes.  One, the secretary went to the local
coffee/donut shop and was overheard by several patrons laughing about how
they had hurt the kids and how Riggs had told her to say she was terrified
AND the supposed "terrorists" did their own video taping.  Yeah see, Riggs'
staff locked the kids in the office and told them they were holding them
until the cops arrived.  You can't have it both ways, either they wanted
them to leave or they didn't.  Locking them in would appear to be a

The other backfire is that Riggs thought it would help his political carreer
(he'd already been under investigation for fraud in his real estate career).
It didn't, we had him out of office in a hot tic!

As to Hurwitz, well, he was one of the members, ALONG WITH DUMBYA in the s &
l scandals in Texas.  He bought Palco with the money from that s&l scam.  He
also did a hostile takeover of Simplicity Patterns and Kaiser Aluminum up in
Washington.  In all three he raided the company pensions.  He was also part
and parcel with Enron in the supposed energy crisis.  He made a nice $35
MILLION dollar profit in one week over the energy crisis.

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> Inflicting permanent eye-damage on protesters.  Police often need
> coercive measures, but it sure as hell doesn't include daubing a
> pepper-salve in anyone's eyes to cause permanent damage, even blindness.

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