[Homestead] Out of Virginia, out of low-paid public school teachiing----at long last

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Wed Sep 22 15:57:38 EDT 2004

Youngest daughter closed on her house two days ago, paid all her bills, 
and is getting out of Dodge today---heading for a 90-day sojourn in 
Pennsylvania, a series of concentric circles around Philadelphia for 
starters in finding a place to live that she likes (rent first, buy 
later).  Philadelpha area is certainly more habitable than New York, lot 
of small, still fairly static and charming small towns and dead dairy 
farms with springs, creeks and pondsites.  Bucks County is now wqy too 
expensive---my oldest daughter who has spent a lot of time in Horsham 
the past several years, as peripatetic Compliance Manager for a 
healthcare, medicine-dispensing company---an AARP relic, suggested the 
youngest daughter look around south of Philadelphia to look at small 
towns and farms---Lynn, move over, you might have a new neighbor.

Hoooray---Ray Zentz escaped first, one of the things that encouraged my 
daughter to follow suit.

Thank you, Hurricane Ivan, for avoiding Virginia Beach----nope, I didn't 
bribe Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell for altering its course either.

I will never again go to that hellhole of a Virginia Beach even if I 
lived lolng enough..

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