[Homestead] CBS recant ... NOT!

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Tue Sep 21 23:04:42 EDT 2004

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Of course the Supreme Court vote was relevant.   Oh, unless you are
clairvoiyant and know what the outcome would have been without them stepping
in.  Do you?
    One doesn't have to be clairvoyant, The Miami newspaper and others 
subpoenaed and recounted the ballots that would have been recounted if the supreme 
court had voted to violate the voting regulations and extend the counts. Bush 
won by even more votes. I was working in Volusia county during this time frame 
and followed the papers closely. I never read a single report in Florida that 
showed any of the many recounts carried out after the fact reversed the 
election results. Since the decision had no bearing on the results, it was 


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