[Homestead] Mother moves more mainstream/RFK Jr. on environment

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Tue Sep 21 17:49:47 EDT 2004

Gene GeRue wrote:

> The Mother Earth News is seeking to broaden its appeal by showcasing 
> celebrities who are doing those things that TMEN regulars espouse. The 
> current, October/November 2004, issue features an article about and by 
> Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his  environmental work. Here's a quote from 
> the article:
> "Moreover, I don't believe there are Republican or Democratic 
> children. Nor do I think that it benefits our country when the 
> environment becomes the province of one party, and most national 
> environmental leaders agree with me. But today, if you ask those 
> leaders to name the greatest threat to the global environment, the 
> answer wouldn't be overpopulation, or global warming, or sprawl. The 
> nearly unanimous response would be George W. Bush. You simply can't 
> talk honestly about the environment without criticizing this 
> president. George W. Bush will go down as the worst environmental 
> president in our nation's history. . . ."

tvoivozhd---that's for damned sure--a Presidential Monsanto---worst 
environmental disaster we have ever had in the White House.

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