[Homestead] Wood, the miracle of

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Tue Sep 21 14:49:08 EDT 2004

Gene GeRue wrote:

> THE OVERSTORY #144--How Trees Stand Up
> By Roland Ennos

tvoivozhd---trees are a farmers and the worlds best friend---stories of 
restoring soil, watertable, rainfall, wildlife, local farm economies are 

Every small (or big) farmer should  be a tree-planter---in part for the 
recited benefits, in part for a savings account for their children.   
Something they can draw on after thirty or more years, depending on 
soil, rainfall and temperature.  It isn't in the archives, too long ago, 
but perhaps you will remember my long-ago post entitled "Trash to 
Treasure"---buying almost-wasteland at near-free prices, and planting 
valuable tree species (a  variety, not a monoculture)

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