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Home manufacturing, recent post #4

http://www.ers.usda.gov/Briefing/Industry/earningstrends/  (non-metro 
business and employment grew slower than Metro---no wonder, needs of 
metro areas for increasing both is overwhelming and response SHOULD be 

But you are a rural resident, you don't have to subordinate YOUR needs 
to anyone elses---get on the stick and crank up YOUR rural enterprise, 
get off the employee hamster-wheel.

Self-employment is a mindset, hard to break because the emphasis has 
been on being a good, docile, loyal (hah!) wage-slave.  But the mindset 
is breakable and all the tools needed to become self-employed are now 
the most numerous and effective the world has ever seen---you may and 
probably will take a job as a quickfix to a very thin wallet, that's all 
right, but plan to get out of Dodge as quickly as possible on your 
self-employment horse---try to double-dip, take home some kind of 
paycheck and at the same time learn something useful in your own business).

http://www.ers.usda.gov/Briefing/Industry/FreeFall/  (manufcturing 
decline in the U.S. affects ALL sectors---who cares about the 
biggies---you aren't going to manufacture 747's in your backyard anyway, 
imagineer your home manufacturing business---get there fustest with the 
(a farm or farm community that produces only a commodity is doomed, and 
so is a farm-factory.  Pick a profitable niche-market and you can sleep 
soundly at night and leave your kids comfortably well-off---wel not TOO 
comforbly, the Idle Rich Syndrome that afflicts this society is very bad 
for it.

(OK, there is a countercurrent of people moving to to rural and 
small-town areas---you know all about that, you are part of it. furn it 
to your advantage with a rural manufacturing activity---something you 
don't have to feed and currycomb, and that can be made just-in-time---as 
soon as you have the credit-card payment safely in hand.)  
(yeah, the bankers want to get in the act---screw 'em, their only use is 
to handle Letters of Credit and transferring the money from their 
foreign affiliate banks to you if you are exporting your product (as you 
certainly should)  Be sure your banker knows what the hell he is doing 
in handling export papers---most of them don't and to keep your pockets 
from being picked, YOU will have to educate them---DON'T ever depend on 
someone else to do what is really YOUR job or you will lose your tuppy.)

http://www.oycf.org/Perspectives/2_110299/dogmatism.htm  (interesting 
historical aside---you know my passion for history---Stalins fixation on 
giantism instead of bfoad-based small, priately-owned, privately run 
small business.)  We still have Stalin's fixation on giantism in the 
U.S.---stupid in the Soviet Union and stupid in the Oval Office.

http://www.nal.usda.gov/ric/resources/backgrnd/08cmfg/mfg.htm   (good, 
good,good---you will certainly want to read this to clarify your mind 
and visualize your rural manufacturing prospects.)

http://www.danieldrezner.com/archives/000748.html  (outsourcing will 
kill you, but only if you let it.  Your rural location is a gem for more 
than one reason---not just a better way to live, but a better way to 
make a living---if you give it serious thought and DO something about it)  
(rural Minnesota analysis---but the Dum-Dums don't realise the necessity 
for broadband in jet-propelling their business ahead---when Rob ran 
away, maybe those he left behind were damaged-goods.)

http://www.agmconnect.org/libserv/sample_cover_letter.html  (OK, OK, I 
know it is unfamiliar territory, and the time expended might be a waste 
compared to expending that time in other directions, but let me tell you 
a story.  My excessively smart and resourceful oldest daughter created 
her very large income and, until graduation, permanent employment at the 
University of Wisconsin (I won't even mention the Athetic Dept. paying 
her $30 an hour for tutoring footboll and basketball players to keep 
them eligible to play.)

However her main source of revenue was as a grant-rainmaker.  Arch 
Haller was head of the Brazil section of the Sociology 
Department---budgetless of course until my daughter brought in grant 
funds from the Brazilian Government, after which Arch could wallow in 
money---a good share of which was diverted to care and feeding of my 
daughter.  Go thou and do likewise.---you simply can't believe how much 
grant money is out there for the little effort expended in finding and 
harvesting it---think about a good use for it, and study grantwriting 
techniques and illustrations)

http://www.keysheets.org/red_14_non_farm_income.html  (hell, get a grant 
for your spin-off rural manufacturing business(they won't know about 
until ex post facto anyway).  Get a grant for lowering the cost of farm 
and small town utility buildings, even residences by using my 
previously-suggested concrete/foam/fiber/acrylic/pozzolan bolt-together 
sectional panels.  It doesn't even have to be a success (you can make it 
so), merely offer the prospects of success.  Change the external 
appearance of a foam/fiber residence (no big deal, change the plug), 
where esthetic appeal is as important as maximum economy.)

http://www.cityofwheaton.com/thewallstreetjournal.htm  (The Wall Street 
Journal is heavily under the heel of the National Association of 
Manufacturers and biased beyond belief---but as any kind of businessman, 
you absolutely must read it.---this time they've got it right for you, 
the rural entrepreneur.)

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