[Homestead] Politics, it's still the economy, in the rust belt stupid.

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Mon Sep 20 23:02:55 EDT 2004

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I looked for it in Clinton's book and found this on page 432:
"In the week leading up to the first [presidential] debate, I finally 
endorsed the controversial North American Free Trade Agreement, which the 
Bush administration had negotiated with Canada and Mexico, with the caveat 
that I wanted to negotiate side agreements ensuring basic labor and 
environmental standards that would be binding on Mexico. My labor 
supporters were worried about the loss of low-wage manufacturing jobs . . . 
unfortunately, that is not at all what he was saying at the time. a lot of 
20/20 hindsight
changes have been made in Clintons book, (typical for all politicians) I put 
little stock
in their autobiographies. I DO know, and never denied that Bush 1 was 
involved in this, He was wrong, and Clinton was wrong to support it as well.

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