[Homestead] Politics, it's still the economy, in the rust belt stupid.

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Mon Sep 20 22:26:40 EDT 2004

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lurine at softcom.net writes:
Drew, do your homework.  NAFTA was started by Bush Sr. and he signed the
FIRST NAFTA agreement on December 17, 1992.

And perhaps you should take a look at exactly who has done what to
employment in this country over the last several presidencies??
lynda , lynda, lynda, I never denied Bush seniors involvement, but Clinton 
did sign off on Nafta too. They were both wrong for doing so. It is fine to try 
and point out little things like this rather than respond to the meat of what 
I said, but still, the fact remains, this was the start of the big job export. 
If I wanted to really to rankle you, I would point out that Kerry has 
benefited from this come to think of it, with the export of the vast majority of 
Heinz jobs to other countries. Hmm, I wonder how he voted on this..... :^)


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