[Homestead] Novak predicts Bush will cut and tun

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Mon Sep 20 20:51:34 EDT 2004

Novak is probably right---makes me sick to my stomach---only consolation 
is that we leave no Iraq allies twisting in the wind like we did to 
South Vietnamese and our faithful, credulous Hmongs who paid the price 
for out treachery---wait---we may stick it to the Kurds exactly as we 
stuck it the Hmongs.---can you imagine BushyBaby doing anything to 
protect them against the Shiites?---su-u-u-re, just like his Daddy 
protected the Shiites against Saddam---walking away for two years while 
Saddam slaughtered a hundred thousand or more---30,000 in single mass 

But the dream of a secular. minority-tolerant  Iraq to serve as a 
shining beacon for  other Arab nations to emulate is dead.

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