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Paul Hillman chris_hillman at msn.com
Mon Sep 20 17:34:21 EDT 2004


You said in a recent past-post that you are an ex-U.S.Navy "Swabby". So am I!!

USN, 1965-1971, TD2 (Training Devices Technician - E5).

Started out as a "Navcad" fighter-pilot, but that program got cancelled before my transfer-orders came through from Beeville, Texas to Pensacola, Florida.

Wound up in flight-simulators, anti-sub warfare training & anti-radar/weapons training.

I'm in the "woods" now myself, in an RV & living off the land.

Good fortune in your ventures. It's great out here in the, "Great Green Yonder", isn't it??

When were you in??

Farewell sir,

Paul Hillman

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