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Littlle turgid but understandable---I appreciate his acknowledgment that 
the Soviet Union in no way resembled any definition of Communism---that 
was and remains a pejorative term used by Western Mythmakers with an 
ideological catechism to follow.

The Soviet Union under Lenin was an oligarchy. Ten or fifteen years 
later under Stalin it was a dictatorship. Whem Stalin died it was once 
again an oligarchy---and in its later stages better defined as an 
oligarchical kleptocracy where commissars looted state-owned business at 
will, later confiscating the profitable ones by sweetheart deals with an 
accomplice olihgarchy. Now under Putin the outlines are cloudy---Was a 
sort of democracy when he took it over, now driifting back toward 
dictatorship and relying on his old KGB cronies for staff work and 
important governmental positions where he can rely on their 
self-interest to be in lockstep with Putin---sounds like the recent Bush 
record where kleptocracy has for four years has been in firm control of 
the U.S. government and economy...

There's a strong Stalinist contingent in the Mainland Chinese government 
and its military---Hu has as his principal objectives the reduction of 
the rich-poor gap, reduction of official corruption---and a lot of other 
things on his plate like the precipitous decline in China's ability to 
feed itself, the terrible acceleration of environmental destruction. He 
has to establish priorities with limited funds---nobody knows yet his 
order of priorities----we will certainly find out in the next few years..

  Stalinist China propaganda from a surprising source


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September 20, 2004

Established in Washington, D.C., in 1982, the Jamestown Foundation thus 
defines its mission:

�The Jamestown Foundation's mission is to inform and educate policy 
makers and the broad policy community about events and trends in those 
societies which are strategically or tactically important to the United 
States and which frequently restrict access to such information.�

The Foundation has e-mailed to me the Sept. 2 issue of its �China 
Brief,� a �journal of news and analysis� re China.

Of the 3 articles in the issue I have found only one of interest to me, 
judging by its title, �New National Strategy Provides Insight into 
China's Rise.�

The word �rise� is as vague, propagandistic, and alien to English as the 
Soviet Russian word �podyom,� which Mao took from his teacher Stalin and 
had translated into Chinese as �rise.� The two authors of the �China 
Brief article do not use even once the word �dictatorship� in 
application to China. for in post-1949 China the form of government is, 
you see, not dictatorship, but �true democracy,� as it was in Stalin's 

A Chinese reader of my Internet column explained to me that in contrast 
to Soviet Russia the leadership in China is collective.

Well, in Soviet Russia, when Lenin became incapacitated by his illness 
and then died, the dictatorship was �collective� � it was an oligarchy, 
and Stalin became a sole Mao-like dictatorship only 10 or 15 years 
later. When Stalin died, an oligarchy again ensued. And so on up to 
1991, when the dictatorship fell � if only for a while.

Avoiding such �bad words� as �dictatorship,� or even �oligarchy,� the 
article announces:

�In late July, the Politburo standing committee met for a study session 
to consider ways to build a 'prosperous nation and powerful military. . 
. .'�

Then, in parentheses, follows the Chinese version of �prosperous nation 
and powerful military.� It is clear what for. Exactly the same could be 
said by Stalin in Russian (or in his native Georgian). But according to 
the ritual of American university humanity scholarship, it is necessary 
to drop Chinese words in �Chinese studies� as it was necessary to drop 
Russian words in �Sovietological� scholarship, no matter how absurd, or 
propagandistic, or shallow.

The question that the article answers: What is a more �powerful 
military� for? Stalin answered �for peace�! And this is how the article 
answers the question:

�While the idea that carrying a big stick gives a nation the ability to 
negotiate peace on their own terms is not novel [no, it was proclaimed 
by ancient empires, to say nothing of modern dictatorships], its 
adoption by Chinese leaders potentially signifies a major departure for 
Chinese national strategy, providing insight into a new phase of China's 
development that will undoubtedly affect its international relations in 
the post-cold war period.�

The article takes Taiwan as an example. If the People's Liberation Army 
is powerful enough to �liberate� Taiwan, and deter the U.S. 
participation in the defense of it, then the latter will PEACEFULLY 
discard its wish to be independent of China. The same applies to Hong 
Kong (or Tibet). See? The Politburo's increasingly �powerful military�? 
This is all about peace and for peace.

Speaking of the United States or of the democratic West as a whole. When 
the �powerful military� of China become powerful enough to annihilate 
the West (by molecular nano weapons, for example), they will never start 
a war (the idea!) if the West surrenders PEACEFULLY as did Japan when 
two �atom bombs� were dropped on its two cities in 1945.

With the West as a colony of China, the advantages of this new peace (or 
should I say �peaceful rise,� imitating the Pidgin English of the 
article?) will be tremendous for China. The West will work for China as 
for the most ruthless employer in the old times of unlimited 
exploitation, and at the same time the United States will no longer 
subvert, by its very fact of independent existence, any Chinese as it 
happened on Tiananmen Square. Neither Taiwan nor Hong Kong (nor Tibet) 
will be any problem henceforth. And the world PEACE will reign supreme, 
for those countries that will challenge it will be offered PEACEFULLY to 
surrender or face annihilation by the �big [nano] stick� of the Politburo.

Note that the word �buro� in �Politburo� is spelt in the article not in 
the English way: �bureau,� but in the Russian way, �buro� as Stalin 
spelt it and Mao followed. The political world of China is that of 
Stalin's Russia minus Stalin's �world's most democratic general 
elections.� The phrase �Communist China� is too general. The phrase 
�Stalinist China� is more accurate.

Now, who are the authors of this �scholarly study�?

Zhu Feng is a �Chinese citizen� (not a Chinese dissident who has escaped 
to the USA in search of freedom). He is a scholar at the Center for 
Strategic (!) and International (!) Studies in Washington, D.C., AND a 
professor in Peking University in the capital of Stalinist China. If he 
knows nothing else about it, he does know that if he writes what runs 
counter to the Stalinist Chinese propaganda, he will lose his Peking 
University professorship � at the very best.

However, this knowledge may be quite subconscious. Consciously, he may 
well believe that he is a free person in the world's freest country, as 
Stalin's Russia was officially called. Many Chinese are no less na�ve 
politically than were Russians in Stalin's Russia or than children under 
six are.

Thus, on Sept. 5, Professor Jun Hu of the Shanghai Institute of Applied 
Physics sent me an e-mail, protesting my mention, in the foreword to an 
article by Robert Marlow in Nanotechnology Now 
(http://www.nanotech-now.com], of Dr. Hu's nano-bio research as �a 
supporting evidence for your points on 'China threat.'�

Dr. Hu says that already in January 2000 he and his team were �ahead of 
other researchers in the world.� I have not read the final version of my 
Foreword, but in general this is my point. If Dr. Hu could be in January 
2000 ahead of the West (by years!) in nano-bio research, why could not 
Stalinist China be ahead (by years!) in nano weapons research, for which 
the Politburo of China can allocate any money without any legislative 
body or any public notice?

Besides, whatever intentions of Dr. Hu have been, no one can vouch that 
his world-leading nano-bio research will not be useful for the 
development of post-nuclear superweapons. Many scientists who had 
studied nuclear physics up to 1939 did not suspect that their studies 
would lead to the development of nuclear weapons from 1939 to 1945.

The second author of the �China Brief� article under discussion is Drew 
Thompson, who �worked� (?) in China �for 7 years in the 1990s,� but 
�China Brief� does not say what his work was. If he writes, with Zhu 
Feng, what runs counter to Stalnist Chinese propaganda, he will not be 
allowed to re-enter China at the very best, which he knows, even if only 

What is the role of such �Chinese studies�?

Outside universities, there has been the total oblivion of what was 
still occasionally called in the 1990s �the China threat.� However, the 
academic �China studies� have continued to exist, since the salaries are 
paid, the social benefits are issued, the grants and endowments are 
intact. Besides, some Americans, terrified by the general silence re 
�the China threat,� express hope that at least �academic Chinese 
studies� are not silent.

No, they are not. And as the �China Brief� of the Jamestown Foundation 
indicates, they are engaged in Stalinist Chinese propaganda.

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/September 13, 2004/

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