[Homestead] FW: Free speech in danger?

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Mon Sep 20 12:06:07 EDT 2004

>Check out Kitty Kelley's appearance before the National Press Club. You 
>may not get many other chances to see her as she's being shut out of the 
>normal book-promotion circuit (Larry King, The Today Show, etc).

The Bush power is frightening. I just happened to catch Kitty Kelley at the 
Washington Independent Writers forum on, I think, CNN. She has been on 
Larry King's show many times and she was scheduled for this book--The 
Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty--but then was cancelled. She has 
been shut out from many of the normal author tour programs. That is real 
clout by the Bush people. Btw, I was impressed by her performance. And 
another btw, she said that four teams of lawyers went over her material to 
make sure the publisher and she could stand against any lawsuits for 
slander or libel. Kitty Kelley is one gutty little lady. (She had to stand 
on a box to see over the top of the lectern.) It is worth noting that she 
comes from a strong Republican family. Her father voted for both Bushes. 
She worked on this book for four years and says her motivation for 
researching and writing the book had nothing to do with politics.

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