[Homestead] Education---Catch 'em early

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Mon Sep 20 00:18:13 EDT 2004

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in today's society (and  tomorrow's
> too), mother doesn't stay home to watch and take care of the kids.

***"mother doesn't stay home"  WHY?  Not all those mothers have to work.
That is a fallacy.  A good % *choose* to work.

>So who else can?

***Easy question but most Americans are to freaking lazy to work it out or
make the effort.  Extended family can.  Parents can by working alternate
shifts.  Neighbors can "barter" babysitting so that children can be with
another form of extended family.  Oh, and the one that most folks don't want
to address, learn to do without the second car, the expensive house, the
Imelda Marcos shoe/wardrobe, etc., etc., etc.

---only the state.

***Not true.  AND, certainly not in the education capacity of doing it!

With the U.S. in the identical position
> in this respect as was the Soviet Union, which established combination
> daycare centers and schools in residential neighborhoods---all with
> walking distance, a proven highly successful solution is the obvious one
> to follow---and it is equally obvious you can't turn the kids into the
> streets to fend for themselves.

***Yeah, it has been highly successful in Russian.  I'm sure we all want our
kids raised to be good little comrades!


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