[Homestead] Dave Barry on voting

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Mon Sep 20 00:30:32 EDT 2004

The advise I've been hearing lately since the maker of the electronic voting
machines is linked to Dumbya and Florida is get an absentee ballot.  Leaves
a paper trail!  Send it certified.  Keep a copy.

When in doubt, mess with their wee little minds <<eg>>

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> Every vote counts! Well, sometimes
> Pretty soon, you, the American voter, will enter the sacred sanctity of
> voting booth and cast your ballot for the next President. Or not. It's
> possible that your ballot will go back in time and participate in the
> election of 1848, or wind up in a distant galaxy, helping to elect an
> being with 73 eyeballs (slogan: "A Being of Vision"). The truth is, you
> don't know WHAT will happen to your ballot, because you might be using one
> of the new electronic voting machines.

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