[Homestead] Americans, go home !

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Sun Sep 19 23:08:53 EDT 2004

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mmcharry at dtnspeed.net writes:
I don't think the decision is this simple. If I thought that we could win by
staying, I'd support it. I think, however, that we will just dig ourselves
in deeper and make more terrorists. We need to pull back, to get more Arab
countries involved in helping the Iraqi police and army, and to -- whatever
else we do -- lower our profile in Iraq. We can't even provide humanitarian
relief without those providing the relief being kidnapped and killed.
In case you havn't noticed, as we have involved more arabs, they have become 
the terrorists main targets. 3 separate attacks on job applicants in Iraq for 
security positions. 150 killed in one attack alone. Terrorist attacks in Saudi 
Arabia. The last thing the other arab nations want to do now is replace us in 

   I don't doubt that if Bush stays in office that we'll hand over the country
   in January. It's not likely that elections can be held then, but it's also
   no likely that the Bush folks will stay around much longer than that.

I am not a big Bush supporter, but I have no doubt he will not back down and 
leave unless
a successful election has created a government, and even then it will be a 
slow pullout. If Bush has one thing in his favor, it is that he does what he 
says he will do. 

   'Im not betting the farm on it. Even as we write, terrorists could be
   bringing in a bit of plutonium for a dirty bomb. Do *you* think it would be

Plutonium, yes. I think the port authority would catch that. Now if they 
bring it into canada, and them into the us through the western range...... I think 
it is silly to assume the terrorists would attempt to smuggle it into port 
citys when we are so open elsewhere.

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