[Homestead] Americans, go home !

Marie McHarry mmcharry at dtnspeed.net
Sun Sep 19 22:57:45 EDT 2004

Sorry I didn't get back to Drew's comments earlier:

<<But we are there, so we need to quit this sniping over past decisions and 
deal with the present. If you would have us just leave Iraq, we will empower
terrorists for generations to come with the "victory" over america.>>

I don't think the decision is this simple. If I thought that we could win by
staying, I'd support it. I think, however, that we will just dig ourselves
in deeper and make more terrorists. We need to pull back, to get more Arab
countries involved in helping the Iraqi police and army, and to -- whatever
else we do -- lower our profile in Iraq. We can't even provide humanitarian
relief without those providing the relief being kidnapped and killed.

<< We are 
committed to finishing things there and handing the country over to an
govt. January is still the date for this. >>

I don't doubt that if Bush stays in office that we'll hand over the country
in January. It's not likely that elections can be held then, but it's also
no likely that the Bush folks will stay around much longer than that.

<<We do need to improve the port 
inspection process, and although much is being done the public is not aware
of, more 
can be. Can we do both? of course.>>

We can't do both *and* continue with tax breaks. 

I assume that the tax breaks must be for the wealthy, if anyone is getting
them. I make a healthy income, and I haven't seen a dime in tax reduction.
Has anyone on this list?

<< The national guard would play no role in a 
port authority crackdown. Electronic surveillance has been stepped up and 
training and hiring of port authority security is going on. We can only hope
it is 
enough and on time.>>

I'm not betting the farm on it. Even as we write, terrorists could be
bringing in a bit of plutonium for a dirty bomb. Do *you* think it would be


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