[Homestead] Bill Greider on the present state of affairs

Marie McHarry mmcharry at dtnspeed.net
Sun Sep 19 22:05:36 EDT 2004

Tvo liked the Greider piece, I guess:

<<tvoivozhd---eloquent, deadly logical article---a completely true and a 
damning  condemnation of  Bush  stupidity---but anyone with more 
intelligence than a  roach knows that already.>>  

Seems that about 50 percent of the voting public thinks Bush is better on
the "War on Terror." Okay, okay, I never thought the population's general IQ
was all that high.

<<The "Apres Moi Le 
Deluge" President is focussed on  losing in Iraq, destroying the middle 
class, kicking out all the rungs in the ladder for the poor to enter the 
middle class, conducting the most vicious and successful class warfare 
we have ever seen---and issuing a blizzard of lies about the war and the 
economy to win the next election.>>

That's pretty succinct, Tvo.

<<Still, as a serious student of warfare, and Ex-Commander of the 538th 
Fighter Bomber Group, I am even more fearful of  the consequence of 

As am I and, I believe, most thoughtful human beings on this planet. I don't
want to cut and run. I want a president who will get the rest of the world
-- particularly the Arab world -- involved in returning Iraq to being a
functioning state. Junior and pals won't do that; more Americans will
continue to die for no good end, should he retain office (notice that I
didn't say get either elected or re-elected).

<<  I do not know if Iraq is salvagable on any basis, but I 
feel we must try until and if we are driven out.  Maybe the U.S. 
military commanders in Iraq can turn off their hearing aids---General 
Tommy Franks retired to get away from the Great Micromanager in the 
White House.>>

I don't know either. Under Bush I am convinced that the whole Mideast will
erupt in flames. Probably the same will happen under Kerry -- or any US
leader. But I pray that this country will go for a chance to get out from
under this awful war.


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