[Homestead] Americans, go home !

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Sun Sep 19 19:16:28 EDT 2004

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tonihawr at msn.com writes:
> Can we do both? of course.  Drew

"Of course ?" Right - Drew - ship out today
and while you're gone, use your pay to pay
*my* bills. And arrange for your funeral
expenses on your own unless you die 
before the __it in the Wh___ House has 
time to f - er, mess with Social Security
paying burial costs ....
No problem, Toni. As a male, I registered for the draft
when my time arrived as an 18 year old. I did my soul searching
then and know that if necessary I would answer the call
to fight for my country. Fortunately, that never happened
but I am at peace with myself over my stand on this issue.
I have a cousin there now, another returned from there,
and a fellow scout leader returned from iraq for surgery and 
discharged. He did his service and is extremely proud of the
job we are doing there. The people of Iraq, not the terrorist
minority we see on tv all the time, are thankful for our 
presence and regularly tell our soldiers there. That is why we have 
one of the highest re-enlistment percentages ever by troops
in combat. 


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