[Homestead] Politics, it's still the economy, in the rust belt stupid.

DSanner106 at aol.com DSanner106 at aol.com
Sun Sep 19 19:00:39 EDT 2004

Funny thing about the folks from the rust belt, like myself ( from Michigan , 
family still in the auto industry), is that the single thing they attribute 
most with the loss of jobs, is the NAFTA agreement Clinton signed. Like you 
say, they seem to think the guy in the white house is the one to take the credit 
or heat, and Clinton started this snowball rolling. Union folks who are 
supposed to blindly support the Dems, can't point at one individual thing Bush has 
done that caused their troubles, or helped either, so they sit undecided on the 
election. As the Union quits paying the folks now laid off or underemployed 
for the last 5 years or so, their allegience to the unions is wavering. We will 
see how this pans out, should be very interesting.


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