[Homestead] Eminent Domain, its terrible power, abuse

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Sun Sep 19 18:25:24 EDT 2004

Nancy wrote:

>> "While Bush claims publicly to "do everything I can to defend the 
>> power of private property and private property rights," he and his 
>> partners in the Texas Rangers arranged for Texas authorities to 
>> expropriate private land to allow the investors their new baseball 
>> stadium. When some resisted, or balked at the low prices being 
>> offered, their land was condemned and expropriated it by force of 
>> law. This occurred on 270 acres of land, even though only about 17 
>> acres were needed for the ballpark. The rest was used by Bush and Co. 
>> for commercial development, and has provided the basis of his 
>> personal fortune."
> This is absolutely what happened.  I lived in Arlington, TX (home of 
> the Texas Rangers) when this happened.  The same thing happened with 
> the Texas Motor Speedway property north of Fort Worth.  The land was 
> taken by the "Sports Authority" and given to private enterprise.  The 
> displaced people were given very little money for their property.
> Nancy
tvoivozhd---Bush didn't have the mental capacity to start and run a 
successful business in Texas---his were utter failures bailed out by 
Daddy's political cronies---but he did learn how to milk local  
taxpayers for the Texas Rangers---that was entirely enough---money in 
the bank.  You can always rely on a corrupt politician to learn how to 
steal money from taxpayers---and Bush was corrupt as hell.

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