[Homestead] Eminent Domain, its terrible power, abuse

Nancy nancyr at ntin.net
Sun Sep 19 13:19:09 EDT 2004

> "While Bush claims publicly to "do everything I can to defend the 
> power of private property and private property rights," he and his 
> partners in the Texas Rangers arranged for Texas authorities to 
> expropriate private land to allow the investors their new baseball 
> stadium. When some resisted, or balked at the low prices being 
> offered, their land was condemned and expropriated it by force of law. 
> This occurred on 270 acres of land, even though only about 17 acres 
> were needed for the ballpark. The rest was used by Bush and Co. for 
> commercial development, and has provided the basis of his personal 
> fortune."
This is absolutely what happened.  I lived in Arlington, TX (home of the 
Texas Rangers) when this happened.  The same thing happened with the 
Texas Motor Speedway property north of Fort Worth.  The land was taken 
by the "Sports Authority" and given to private enterprise.  The 
displaced people were given very little money for their property.


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