[Homestead] Education---Catch 'em early

clanSkeen sgian at planetc.com
Sun Sep 19 11:30:54 EDT 2004

> tvoivozhd---because we should be emulating success wherever we find it.
> Why constantly be reinventing the wheel?

Is not the premise that the education system is the base foundation of the
success of an economic system?   The Soviet system collapsed.   I'm still
having a hard time 'success' and 'Soviet' in the same sentence.  However
successful the system might have appeared on the surface, it was the basis
of a system that collapsed.

> The only effective alternative
> is to fund Mom staying home to watch and care for the kids---you know
> that is not going to happen in today's political climate.

No, it isn't going to happen -- not going to happen en masse at any rate.
Neither major party can in any wise afford to have families reclaim their
autonomy.  But it's the term 'fund' that catches my attention.  My solution
to this would be to bar government from interfering in the economics of a
family in any way.  A few years ago there was the example of a single mother
who baked confections in her home and sold enough of them to support herself
and her children (this was in Mass, by the bye, the state whose muckings
started this thread).  The government (in the guise of the state dept of
acriculture) threatened her with legal action if she did not cease and
desist.  The community knew her, knew her products were safe and preferable,
and very much supported her.   In that guise, says I, it is none of the
state's business what arrangement people have among themselves.   The
community volunteered her the use of the kitchen in the fire hall, which
kitchen was inspected.  Then the dept of health stepped in and said it was
only a valid inspection for fire personnel and she could not use it.

Funding could easily be arranged by removing the tax burden from families -
I don't mean direct withholding tax but Self Employment tax and the hidden
taxes in everything they use - and also making such people exempt from
'guild laws' which are designed to do nothing more than eliminate
competition from the big businesses and unions that have bought those laws
for themselves.


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