[Homestead] Eminent Domain, its terrible power, abuse

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Sun Sep 19 10:59:57 EDT 2004

>The question is: Does the Constitution empower governments to seize a 
>person's most precious property -- a home, a business -- and give it to 
>more wealthy interests so that the government can reap, in taxes, 
>ancillary benefits of that wealth?

Glad to see this going to the Supremes. Connecticut is following many 
examples of egregious abuse of eminent domain. Do a Search for "eminent 
domain abuse" and you will be reading for hours, including this:

"While Bush claims publicly to "do everything I can to defend the power of 
private property and private property rights," he and his partners in the 
Texas Rangers arranged for Texas authorities to expropriate private land to 
allow the investors their new baseball stadium. When some resisted, or 
balked at the low prices being offered, their land was condemned and 
expropriated it by force of law. This occurred on 270 acres of land, even 
though only about 17 acres were needed for the ballpark. The rest was used 
by Bush and Co. for commercial development, and has provided the basis of 
his personal fortune."

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