[Homestead] Education---Catch 'em early

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Sun Sep 19 10:40:29 EDT 2004

>The system's failure now of days isn't due to a shift in support.
>It is funded and supported now more than it ever has in our 
>history.  Rather it is because it is an dunsel tool designed to condition 
>people to a role that is no longer available to them.

I presume I am not the only reader who bumped against dunsel tool. I love 
learning new words, so hopped to my dictionary. No luck. A Google search 
offered this:

Dunsel is a term reserved for things that have no apparent use. Left over 
parts that don't fit anywhere. In the original Star Trek there was an 
episode called 'The Ultimate Computer'. In it Commodore Bob Wesley called 
Jim Kirk 'Captain Dunsel', because the M5 multitronic super computer had 
sort of taken his place as commander of the starship Enterprise (NCC 1701). 
It was just a tease on the Commodore's part (an old friend of Kirk), but it 
hurt nevertheless.

I have long suspected it is time for a new dictionary. Is dunsel or Dunsel 
in any of yours and, if so, which one?

Btw, thanks, James.

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