[Homestead] Education---Catch 'em early

clanSkeen sgian at planetc.com
Sun Sep 19 09:16:01 EDT 2004

> With the U.S. in the identical position
> in this respect as was the Soviet Union, which established combination
> daycare centers and schools in residential neighborhoods---all with
> walking distance, a proven highly successful solution is the obvious one
> to follow---

Bring me up to speed on this one, Tvo.  Why is it we want to be emulating
the Soviet Union?   Their system as a whole failed and eventually collapsed.
They are paying the price to this day of substituting the state for the

>and it is equally obvious you can't turn the kids into the
> streets to fend for themselves.

This is the identical argument made in the 1850's of why you could not end
slavery (and a few decades later, indentured servitude).  It was the
argument made as to why you could not end the tenent system in Ireland and
other countries yearsa go.  If we just ended those institutions, where would
the people go?  What woudl they do?

But all those institutions *were* ended and sure enough people were
displaced and it caused no end of trouble for everyone.  But it was the
right thing to do.


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