[Homestead] Education---Catch 'em early

Kathyann Natkie knat at sprintmail.com
Sun Sep 19 08:02:11 EDT 2004

> tvoivozhd---children learn best if education commences at the earliest
> age possible.  First grade students do better if they have been in
> Kindergarten---that's why the education-fanatic Germans introduced it
> and observed the consequences on their children to prove their concept.
That's previously tested- test best in first grade. Subsequent years the
self-directed outshine. SAT tied to nurture in preschool. Home and
informal/independent preschools better prepare for higher education.

> tvoivozhd---batshit---I say and REPEAT, adequate salaries are a
> NECESSARY component.  And yes, the cost of NOT running the education
> business properly is VASTLY more expensive than running it properly.
> My radar screen says their is NO mass-education alternative to the
> public school system.  You do home-schooling and I might do home
> schooling, but in spite of online educational material today, it is a
> puny number of parents practice it---what is the number, 1.3 million?,
> 1.6 million, no matter, it is a trivial amount. 

Keynote speaker at Unchoolers Conference yesterday says looks lower than
that. Those figures include as homeschoolers those attending school less
than 25 hours a week. Online courses are a symptom of trying to make
money off homeschoolers. Canned curriculum abandoned as ineffective by
schools now being sold to parents trying to form alternatives as

> And except in very rare
> circumstances like in an affiliation with a richly funded public school,
> home-schoolers are excluded from working in expensive laboratories---a
> terrible handicap in an increasingly high-tech age.
Actually the homeschoolers have better access since they are treated as
individuals and companies can integrate an individual more easily than
setting up a lab setting to simulate the real for a group. Part-time
apprenticeships common.

> tvoivoahd---yeah, let the little monsters kick each other in the shins
> pull hair and throw bowling pinat each other---wouldn't want to make
> them feel bad by stopping it, would you?
Caged animals always self-mutilate and destroy property unless offered
tasks that mimic free life. Stricter bondage has been repaced in zoos by
creative outlet. 


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