[Homestead] Americans, go home !

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sun Sep 19 02:13:02 EDT 2004

Oh, come one, Ray.  When did you give up music to become a cop or

Your question is classic "When did you stop beating your wife?"

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From: <RayZentz at aol.com>
> Sorry I took so long to reply, but have been unpacking boxes.
> Let me ask you a simple question.   Think about it honestly  before you
> answer, and you don't need to reply.   There is only one  logical answer
to this
> question.
> Would you rather have terrorists attacking trained soldiers there, or
> untrained school children here?
> Our presence in Iraq, right or wrong initially, is acting as a calalyst,
> drawing terrorist attention there.   I prefer that they (the  terrorists)
> stay there, rather than having to deal with attacks here.
> Ray

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