[Homestead] Education---Catch 'em early

clanSkeen sgian at planetc.com
Sat Sep 18 16:00:14 EDT 2004

> tvoivozhd---children learn best if education commences at the earliest
> age possible.  First grade students do better if they have been in
> Kindergarten---that's why the education-fanatic Germans introduced it
> and observed the consequences on their children to prove their concept.

The Germans introduced it to assure unquestioning obedience, not education.
The leaders, the aristocracy was not "educated" as were the masses.  The
German system used for the masses was (is) designed to quell any individual
initiantive.  There motivaton was largely military.  Ours is industrial.  In
order for the plutarchy to exist, the masses must be conditioned to be
obedient producers and unquestioning consumers.

> tvoivozhd---hell, yes---read my other post on seven components of the
> education business.  Many of the components which used to be adequately
> addressed in the Germanic/Scandinavian communities, no longer are---and
> under the Republicrats don't expect them to be addressed at all.

Perhaps, but that is becoming more moot every day.  The system is an
anachronism.  This would not be true if its primary function were to impart
literacy, math, skills and to "teach to think".  But the case is that it
isn't.   The system as it is deteriorating now was designed to condition the
masses to obedient factory and office work and to predispose them to
consumerism.  The world has changed.  Factory work, such as you supervised
in your careers, is all but gone from this country and western society as a
whole.  The system's failure now of days isn't due to a shift in support.
It is funded and supported now more than it ever has in our history.  Rather
it is because it is an dunsel tool designed to condition people to a role
that is no longer available to them.

> My radar screen says their is NO mass-education alternative to the
> public school system.

There is no mass indoctrination alternative to the public school system.
Thank the gods.   But education system?   There are those individuals that
you are not going to be able to educate no matter what you do.  This is the
current hue-and-cry of the body of "professional" educators.  The "you are
sending us bad raw material" argument.   Then there are those who are going
to take on an education no matter what you do.   The third part of this
triage is the body of children for whom some intervention would make the
difference between getting an education or not.  What alternatives there are
for these students is taken away from them because they are required to be
incarcerated in PS for the bulk of their childhood.   If children are not
forceably detained in school, they will be somewhere else.   Society would
accommodate them and they would eventually have all the opportunities for
education the same as they did before the industrial age used our children
as its pool of potential slaves and the PS as a means of conditioning them
to servitude.

> tvoivozhd---running screaming around the room hardly qualifies as a
> learning enviroment.  A zoo is a zoo is a zoo whether the inhabitants
> are three years old or teen-age combat units in high school..  If some
> degree of self-discipline is not  inculcated at an early age it is not a
> part of teen-age habits.

Self-discipline?   No, no.  What you are describing is regiment discipline.
A, say, four or five year old only seems to be running around screaming
against a backdrop of a room of twenty-five such five year olds whom we
expect to behave exactly alike.  I've never known a five year old (and I've
had reason to know a very many) who did not possess SELF-discipline in
abundance.  So much more the the chagrin of the schools who find that
self-discipline very much gets in the way of the regiment discipline they
are trying to impose.  That same five year old is in perfect control of
himself when is not in the artifical and unnatural environment of a
classroom.   The 'sit quitely so you can learn' is only an excuse.  The real
reason is to make them obedient to authority, eventually government and

> tvoivoahd---yeah, let the little monsters kick each other in the shins
> pull hair and throw bowling pinat each other---wouldn't want to make
> them feel bad by stopping it, would you?

You don't need to stop it if you don't  have very young children in such
unnatural surroundings to begin with.


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