[Homestead] Is Ivan knocking on your doors?

Lisa Perry lkvp at floydva.net
Sat Sep 18 14:27:47 EDT 2004

SW VA got hit hard in some places.  We've been without power at our 
house since 10:30 a.m. Friday a.m, Ivan arrived much quicker than had 
been anticipated.  Weather forecasts had predicted Saturday to Sunday 
arrival for our area but the heavy rain arrived yesterday a.m. and we 
were caught unprepared.  WE didn't get the bathtub filled with water 
before the power went out.  Just came into my office in 'downtown' Floyd 
where there is power to take a shower and run some errands, the last 
update we had from Am. Elec. Power was we might have power in our 
section of Floyd County by midnight.  We'll see, two other deadlines 
have come and gone, many fallen trees.   Last night the Aladdin lamp 
worked great but the chimney cracked again--after it had been on for 5 
hours.  It was room temp. when we lit the thing and we had the flame on 
very low for the first half-hour to try to prevent cracking yet another 
expensive chimney.  The wind is still really whipping around but no rain 
at the moment. 


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