[Homestead] Education---Catch 'em early

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Sat Sep 18 13:36:58 EDT 2004

Kathyann Natkie wrote:

>Toni Hawryluk wrote:
>>Lynda, you are a "voice crying in the wilderness" because the number of male-less "families" keeps increasing annually (who keeps producing these cretins that think scoring is macho but providing for children is "women's work ??) so how can women "be home with their children" ?
>How about a less litigious society where a woman can bring her child to
>work with her?
>Kathyann, who was lucky enough to have both worlds
tvoivozhd---now THAT is a good idea---litigiousness has nothing to do 
with it, and all to do with a society that takes kids to work---in the 
tribal past, out gathering roots, nuts and seeds---that practice lost in 
Western society, but still alive and well in Chinese society.  My 
Taiwanese factory-owning friends ALWAYS had a daycare center in the 
building where Mom could bring her kids and elderly parents and know 
they were properly observed and supervised while she ran a machine or 
office equipment. 

In addition, the factory always had a barracks for workers coming in 
from rural areas.  I noted Taiwan employees hated compulsory time 
off---there was no overtime pay, but they wanted every second of their 
time to yield an income they could tuck away for their own prospective 
business or invest in someone else's new enterprise---they would walk 
the streets examining the offers to investors posted in windows of 
closet-sized factories, discuss the matter with the owners and put their 
investment capital where they felt it was likely to yield the most 
income with least risk.

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