[Homestead] Education---Catch 'em early

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Sat Sep 18 13:20:41 EDT 2004

Toni Hawryluk wrote:

>(snip)...Mothers need to be home with their children, not having to work so that they can put a meal on the table OR choosing to work instead of being home.  We do NOT need more Staples mothers! Lynda
>Lynda, you are a "voice crying in the
>wilderness" because the number of 
>male-less "families" keeps increasing 
>annually (who keeps producing these
>cretins that think scoring is macho
>but providing for children is "women's
>work ??) so how can women "be home 
>with their children" ? 
tvoivozhd---that died in the 1950's.  Worker productivity has soared, 
but it has been entirely siphoned off by management and stockholders 
myopically focussed on the next quarter.  The future of the company and 
society is given short shrift.  Not many Teddy Roosevelts or FDR's 
around lately to reverse economic and societal change occurring in the 
last forty years. Now in the vast majority of two-parent families, both 
parents work to pay off the inflated mortgage and Mom races around 
before 0800 and after 1700 to an expensive daycare center which 
inevitable is far, far from home.  The Soviets who had a similar problem 
of bringing women into the workforce had a vastly superior 
system---numerous daycare centers only a few blocks apart.

Now having Mom work does have one significant advantage---she is family 
insurance.  If Dad is injured, dies or disappears for any reason, the 
children still have a lifeline---her income.  It's the other side of the 
Mom-stays-at home-taking-care-of-the-children coin---can't have both 
sides of the coin simultaneously in use..

And of course there has been societal breakdown too---not totally, but 
principally confined to the ghettos, where the factory next door which 
provided Dad with a reasonably good income, is now an empty shell---and 
the Republicrats couldn't care less about rectifying that rectifyable 
problem.  So Dad votes with his feet against loss of income, loss of 
status, loss of self-respect and the kids become one-parent latchkey 
kids running the street.  Really poor raw material to feed into the 
school system,.which more often than not is a combat zone instead of a 
learning center.

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