[Homestead] Is Ivan knocking on your doors?

clhw clhw at InfoAve.Net
Sat Sep 18 10:56:47 EDT 2004

We're also in upstate SC, about 60 miles south of Greenville, and 2 hours
from Asheville, where I have family.

All day yesterday was dramatic sky colors, high breezes, and sporadic rain.
At times, the rain was heavy, but mostly just mist. By late afternoon, the
rain had cleared out, the flood watch was cancelled, and the skies began to
clear. This morning, only a few clouds. Ivan turned out to be really mild
for us.

Thursday, there were tornado watches and warnings all around us.
Yesterday's papers showed scenes of destroyed homes, but mostly in Florida.

North of us, there are places where shelters were opened because of the
flooding. Three of the counties with shelters, Buncombe, McDowell, and
Transylvania, hold relatives of mine. I'm going to start contacting them in
a little bit.

>I-26 & I-40 both have both been closed in places around Asheville, due to
>erosion in the case of 40 and a sinkhole under 26. I saw Asheville flood
>pics from the last storm. I would have never suspected a mountain city to
>have such a drainage problem. We were lucky enough in upstate south carolina
>to be just barely east of the worst of the storm.

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