[Homestead] not Education---

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Fri Sep 17 19:20:13 EDT 2004

> tvoivozhd---I wouldn't want my kids or grandkids fighting over the 
triangle---the world has changed, I want every kid to have access to a 
computer and I don't want their teachers to earn less than they could if 
they got a job as a garbage collector.

I'm only speaking to what I didn't agree with
in the rest of Tvo's post (OK, Gene ??) because
it's not "fair" to equate teachers "jobs" and 
garbage collectors' "jobs".

Teachers couldn't handle the physical
part of garbage collecting, but there are
garbage collectors who *could* teach ... <g>
but even that's not what *this* is about -
what it's about is :

Have you been in a big city, on a steamy
hot day in a series of hot days, during a
garbage collection strike ?

If you have, I don't have to say more, if
you haven't - think about the rats, the 
dogs and cats, the birds getting into the
stacks and breaking open bags of rotting
garbage and strewing it over the pavements
and sidewalks - - - then think about the 
spread of disease when garbage piles up 
in that heat. And keeps right on being piled
because *some* city people won't (can't ?) 
stop making garbage and restaurants don't
have much of a choice ...

Nope. This is one time when a job pays
what it's worth, to my thinking at least .... 
and if it's over what a teacher gets, then 
the teachers should stay out on strike 
until *parents* help teachers get what
they are worth. And like anything else,
there are teachers and then there are
teachers, but a 'bad' garbage collector
is out of work very quickly ....


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