[Homestead] Is Ivan knocking on your doors?

Warren F. Smith WarrenSmith at PalmettoBuilders.net
Fri Sep 17 17:10:26 EDT 2004

I-26 & I-40 both have both been closed in places around Asheville, due to
erosion in the case of 40 and a sinkhole under 26. I saw Asheville flood
pics from the last storm. I would have never suspected a mountain city to
have such a drainage problem. We were lucky enough in upstate south carolina
to be just barely east of the worst of the storm.


>>My son in Asheville says it is flooding all over the place,
>>power is out in
>>many placed as well as many traffic lights.  He was to send
>>me a part today
>>but is unable to do so because the airport is closed.

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