[Homestead] Education---Catch 'em early

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Fri Sep 17 19:54:09 EDT 2004

Lynda wrote:

>Gee, Tvo, where are they going to get those "high" quality instructors?
>>From ps?

tvoivozhd---plenty of them.  Teaching has become a revolving door---the 
good ones learn a bitter lesson, teachers and teaching has near-zero 
priority.  Teachers effectively pay the school system instead of the 
school system paying them fairly for their work. I am tired of having to 
fill the gap between what my PhD daughter-teacher receives as salary and 
what it costs to live in unlivable Virginia Beach.  After having me gnaw 
at her for several years, she finally kissed the SOB's goodbye and is 
taking off three months Sept. 21st to look at work that pays enough to 
justify the effort.  She took a $20,000 reduction from her former 
marketing position salary to teach school in Virginia.

Ray Zentz did the same thing---fine music and musical theatre teacher 
who loved his work but got a bellyful of being cheated by low salary and 
got out of the school system.  The overpaid schoolteacher is a myth.

>The "quality" of education has decreased with each addition of state and
>federal interferance!

tvoivozhd---where the "quality" of parents and pupils has declined---in 
tandem with flight of jobs from the ghettos, and the Republicrats nod 
off in response.  The administrative staff is an insupportable 
burden---assistants for assistants for assistants, if the taxpaying 
public has the will this can be changed.  Changing the economy of the 
ghettos, with it the nurture of children is fairly easily attainable 
with opportunity zones to bring in new employers or home-grown 
startups---but the politicobabble from Washington is and will probably 
remain All Hat And No Cattle.

>When children went to K to fingerpaint and fight over who got the triangle,
>they got a better education than they do now with supposed inprovements and
>higher wages for teachers.

tvoivozhd---I wouldn't want my kids or grandkids fighting over the 
triangle---the world has changed, I want every kid to have access to a 
computer and I don't want their teachers to earn less than they could if 
they got a job as a garbage collector.

>Throwing more money and requiring more and more time with the government
>nanny is NOT the answer!

tvoivozhd---that is the problem---teachers and teaching have no respect, 
insufficient pay and being described as government nannys is a hell of a 
good way to further degrade instead of upgrade education.

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tvoivozhd---let me get this straight---throwing more money at General 
Dynamics, Lockheed, Boeing and their designers produces worse airplanes? 

I never heard of $100,000 corporate employees passing the hat to buy 
pencils and paper for Airbus or Dassault---teachers in the United States 
dig in their pockets for $438 each year to buy school essentials for 
pupils that local or state defunders choose not to buy.

>>Cost of early education is less than any alternative.  I don't care how
>>the hell it is done, just do it.


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