[Homestead] Education, pay the goddamned bill---how

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Fri Sep 17 19:09:27 EDT 2004

Lynda wrote:

>Businesses want to call the shots in education and businesses are the ones
>that want the trained employees, why shouldn't they pay part of  the bill?
>>Income tax, local property tax, business tax (bad idea), sales tax.

tvoivozhd---who cares if business wants to call the shots?  I don't see 
any anxiety on the part of  ANY business group to pay for education of 
any kind, so since they rent the Republicrats it isn't going to happen.  
They don't have any real problem training in-house if they pull people 
who can read or write off the streets.  That's what I used to do, and a 
lot of them couldn't read or write---verbal instructions and  watch-me 
as I operated the machine I wanted them to take over, worked fine---took 
a week or so and the illiterate man or woman off the street could 
operate the machine better than I could.

Literacy is nice---a great time-saver in the workplace, but one of its 
chief values is the options it opens up for self-employment.
The great engine of small startup businesses is basic to economic 
growth.  Without that the U.S. economy would be dead in the water.  The 
"trickle-down" babble is just that, all babble.  All economies in the 
world that grow are trickle-up.  I'd break the legs of big business if 
it increased the gestation rate of small business startups..

And we've recently got a problem that didn't exist in my manufacturing 
days---global competition wasn't even on the horizon

But globalization brings its own problems---a business has to compete 
with businesses whose overhead is lower, i.e., I don't want to compete 
and may not be able to compete with a company that has an automatic 
overhead advantage of five percent or more because my competitor does 
not pay for pensions, healthcare, education etc.---in most countries in 
the world that burden is laid on the general public and is going to 
continue being laid on the general public.  Theoretical and historically 
abandoned practices of easy-to-evade high-level business taxes will 
never, I repeat never come back---workers are tied to their homes, to 
relatives, friends, for brief periods to evanescent 
employment---corporations are not---they move with the speed of light..  
Governments and the Military shoot at a fixed target---a mobile target 
is unprofitable.  So taxing the general public is the only option now 
and in the future.

It is unrealistic, futile really to even think about business paying the 
education bill---corporate tases which used to pay something around a 
third or more of government expenditure (more I think, but I'm not going 
to look at my records), now contribute a small and declining dribble.

Any society that hopes to continue in business, has to educate the young 
(on a huge scale), such a social obligation has to be financed by 
taxes---on the reluctant rich, on the middle class, and the poor take a 
pretty good hit, considering minimum wagers have a hell of a time paying 
for both rent and food on the table.

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