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Fri Sep 17 15:22:49 EDT 2004

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> A most magnificent resource for after you die: the book _Caring for the Dead_ Lisa Carlson www.funerals.org<http://www.funerals.org/> What do they really do to bodies?  What really happens in a sealed casket? Why does it cost so much?  Can you really DIY? (YES!) Denise

Being a nitpicker, er, giving attention
to minute details suggests that a small
addition/suggestion to this very good 
post is necessary - once you're dead,
*you* are not in control of what happens
to your body unless you have stated this
in your notarized will ... not that you'd
much care unless you are still "around" -
and so far there has not been tangible
proof of this happening. Tangible as in
"scientific method" where "results" can
be repeated, reported, earn somebody
some money, etc ....  <g>

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