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Fri Sep 17 15:14:58 EDT 2004

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> Kubler-Ross just died a couple weeks ago, here in Scottsdale. After 
> publication of On Death and Dying in 1969 for which she is most famous she 
> continued her work helping those at the end of their lives and their 
> survivors. Seems to me she did a lot of good with her life.

She surely affected mine - by the time I 
finished reading about her (back in the time 
of Life magazine publication) "dying" didn't 
scare me anymore but the thought of 
*being *kept* alive* against my wishes or 
those of my family just because some ole
guy someplace *who doesn't know me from
??* and *doesn't* *pay my bills* is flexing 
his muscles "legally" just because he *can*
gave me nightmares ... and still does ...

I've kept updating my info on Hemlock 
Society - and Kevorkian - when I have the
time and inclination ever since those
became available.

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